Thursday, September 11, 2008

TRAILER: The Soloist...

So, today brings a new trailer from Dreamworks for the upcoming Robert Downey Jr. film, The Soloist. The Soloist is a film based on a 2005 Article from the LA Times reporter, Steve Lopez(you can read the original article here). The film is about a schizophrenic man, Nathaniel Ayers (Jamie Foxx), who was a former prodigy with a violin and cello. He is now homeless, and his dreams of once playing at the Walt Disney Theatre have all but passed him. However, one day, he has a chance meeting with writer Steve Lopez (the aforementioned RDJ), and the two spark up a friendship. The Soloist is directed by Joe Wright, director of Pride and Prejudice and last years Atonement and is written by Susannah Grant who wrote Erin Brokovich. Here is the trailer...

For Oscar bait, it's a wee bit clean cut and, as the people at /film put it, glossy, especially with some other films coming out later this year, such as the Wrestler, but for Joe Wright, that can be expected. I think Downey Jr. is the best actor who is working today, outside of Daniel Day Lewis, and Jamie Foxx is also an underrated actor. Katherine Keener is in the film, so my excitement and anticipation is pretty much maxed out. What about you guys??

The Soloist is set to release on November 21st, 2008...

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