Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dance Bot...

Hey guys...this isn't a movie note or anything...just a quick little thing to have you all check out. I was messing around with some of Clover's manipulatives for her teaching class, and, as I was creating a pretty amazing beast of a figurine, she had the bright idea to do some stop motion. Also, it works as a test for her camera, as I hope to shoot some shorts with it later's not the best, but it works. So, here it is...Dance Bot, Episode 1...probably the only one...the song is pretty bad ass...

Also, I am still taking ideas for some fun stuff to do here. Maybe a weekly DVD that I can check out and have you guys watch too, and then we can have a discussion on it, or movies you want or top 10's you want. So post away. Also, I won't be posting this weekend, so I'll have a top 10 tomorow night, with that days news and notes. Go see something good!

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