Saturday, April 19, 2008

Prom Night...

Well, here it is. I finally gave in. With all of you saying you wanted me to rip into this movie, I decided to watch it. So thank you guys, thank you for being such great freinds and making me lose roughly two hours of my life. I really appreciate it.

Prom Night is the story of a High School Senior, Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow), who, three years ago, witnessed the brutal killings of her father, mother and younger brother by the hands of one of her teachers. The teacher was arrested, and charged for murder. Now, he pleaded insanity, so instead of facing the death penalty, he simply is placed in isolation. Donna goes to live with her aunt and uncle, and come her Prom night, she seems to be moving on with her life. However, that same night, the teacher escapes from the "high security prison" via vent shaft. Vent shaft. Now, he comes to the Prom, raises Hell, and it's the police's job to hunt the man down. Thats about the extent of the story. Oh, did I mention it's a remake?

Okay, so I don't try to destory movies or just rip them for the hell of it, so, I don't want to praise some stuff. The killer played by Johnathon Schaech was alright. Not amazing, but he was pretty good in a PG-13 horror film. Which actually leads me to a point. I personally don't like PG-13 horror films, I just don't think they work. Now, Halloween worked with no blood or anything, but John Carpenter is a master at what he does, and Nelson McCormick, the director of Prom Night, isn't such a guy, so it really doesn't work

Speaking of things that don't work, this film is filled with things like that. The biggest problem is the script. It's so bogged down in melodrama and it was really laughable at some times. There was no intensity and when it tried to be meaningful it was just simply laughable. The music was horrible, king of like Disturbia where the score didn't work and when the source music came in it was like top 40/Disney radio hits. The performances also just raised the script to a point that it took me out of the film. I didn't care about anything that happened, and the film is basically a cookie cutter thriller film, minus the thrills, and then add the acting skill of the girls from the Hills. I would say it's like watching Soap Opera actors in a film, but that is not giving Soap actors enough credit. This is just a horrible film. Stay the hell away. I think this actually may be the worst film so far this year, which really is saying a lot as this is the same year as Meet The Spartans, but it's definitley up there. I'm really not even going to give this a score. Actually, I will. -10/10. Yes, a negative score. Fuck you Prom Night. No, not Prom Night, fuck you Hollywood.

Wow. I feel like I'm in 28 Days Later. I've got the Rage over here. Now, here is a bit of positive news. The Spirit's new teaser is out now. Check it out here...

It's pretty much Sin City 2, but it is from Frank Miller and it does look like a really neat noir, so, I'm in!

Go see something good!!


    There is just one thing I don't agree with you on. Meet the Spartans is the worst movie of the year. Did I say of the year I mentin the world!!!!!

  2. I am not looking forward to Spirit. I feel like have already seen it. Sin City and 300. I think it will be more like Sin City though becasue I didn't see leather spank me panies on the main character. Let's just hope bruce willis is not the main character.

  3. Hahahaha, yes, it's good that there are no spank me's on the main character. Now, I see the comparison, but I just can kind of look past it. It's been done before Sin City too. It's just a higher definition, more visually stylized film noir.

    Oh, and Prom Night was horrible. They are about equal, and I'm not even kinding.


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