Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Box Office...

Hey guys! Here is the final weekend box office tally

1.Baby Mama
2.Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
3.The Forbidden Kingdom
4.Forgetting Sarah Marshall
5.Nim's Island
6.Prom Night
8.88 Minutes
9.Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who
11.Street Kings

Baby Mama pulls in 18.3 Million…over Harold and Kumar…really interesting…21 is still on there…more on that in a wee bit.

Here are the major releases that will be hitting your local multiplex this Friday, May 2nd.

- Made of Honor….Patrick Dempsey romantic comedy…moving on


-Iron Man-
Now, if you have no idea what this is about, then get from under your rock, sit in front of the TV and check out any tv channel during a commercial break. You WILL see this movie. EVERYONE will see this film. So I won’t say much, but you can expect a review of it this coming Wednesday.

Also, Son Of Rambow, Redbelt, and Mister Lonely all get released this Friday in limited theatres, so if you hear that these films are around you, check them out for sure. I will be posting each of those films respective trailers later.

Finally, here are the notable DVD releases that will be released this Tuesday…

-Golden Compass…Special Effects film from American Pie director Paul Weiss…rentable if you have kids…

-27 Dresses…You know what, rent this movie. If you guys have a significant other, you will enjoy this movie, because you know what, your woman will like it, probably a lot, so she’ll be happy, and happy girlfreinds are what we all strive for! But no, this movie is a solid, studio romantic comedy. Not great, not horrible, just middle ground work.

-How She Move…moving on


-Diving Bell And The Butterfly-
Now, all I know is that this film won a ton of awards for best foreign film, and people are saying it’s life changing. Also, it’s from Basquiat director Julian Schnabel, so please check this out. It’s a major miss from last year for me, so I am really excited to check this one out.

Okay, so I have had a long week. Finals, moving out, and moving back in. So, if you couldn’t guess, productivity for this blog is taking a hit. I will be scontinuing to post here, as much as I can. I am working from 6 to 3 in the afternoon, so I won’t be posting until the late afternoon. I will continue to bring you all the same stuff, just either in longer posts, or through a scheduled thing. Like maybe specific topics for each day. I have seen 21, so you can expect a review of that tomorrow, and an Iron Man review, albeit a really tiny, egg shell walking version on Wednesday. Other than that, I have no idea. So, go see something good!!!!

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