Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Top 10 Revenge films...

Okay, so heres the deal. Deception is coming out this weekend, and while I don't give a shit about it and know very little about it too, I do believe that somewhere in the plot, revenge will be a big part. So here is my list of the ten greatest revenge films ever put to celuloid...

10. Once Upon A Time In Mexico
9. Count Of Monte Cristo
8. Gladiator
7. La Haine
6. In The Bedroom
5. Mean Creek
4. Once Upon A Time In The West
3. Memento
2. Kill Bill Series
1. Oldboy

Oldboy really has to be my number one with a bullet. That whole vengance triology can be right up there (Sympathy for Mr. Vengance, and Sympathy for Lady Vengance are the other two films), but you have to take the best one, and one of the best films to come out of the past five years. The hallway fight scene is worth the price of a rental all by itself.

Alright, so except a review of a new release some time this weekend, and next weeks top 10 is still up in the air, but I am leaning towards top 10 Westerns...if any of you have a better idea, just leave a comment.

Go see something good!

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  1. Ok so since 2001 is not on the revenge list you should have a post were you discuss all the hidden meanings behind the film, or ....documentary of the future


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