Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lelo's new flick...The Kills...

Hey guys!! Well, today, as has been the rest of this week, has been a really slow news day, so, here is the main piece of news that has come out today...

Lindsay Lohan. She has decided to star in a small, low budget flick for 75k, and she will also have a nude scene in the is what MSN says...

Lindsay Lohan has offered to bare all on screen for just $75,000.

The troubled actress is reportedly set to play a sex-hungry waitress in upcoming low-budget film ‘Florence’.Producers were happy for Lindsay to appear topless but she was keen to go naked to prove herself as a mature actress. A source said: “She just wants to remind people that she can act and she’s worth hiring.

She said it would be no problem to appear nude."

Now, here's the question I pose to you Lelo a...

A)Good actress
B)Mediocre actress
C)Bad Actress
D)Depends on the role

And, in the honor of the horrible weather we have here in the great state of Michigan, here is a music recomendation for all of you to lighten up your day...

It's a video from the really cool little band The Kills, and I hope you guys enjoy.

If more news comes up, I'll have it here. Also, I'll have a review of Smart People tomorow afternoon, but in the meantime, go see something good!

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