Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kill Bill Anime??

Hey guys. So, I am checking my normal sources for news, and I didn't see much, so I decided to go stumbling. Then, while listening to Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) I came across this brilliant little nugget of cartoon news. Two years agor, Quentin Tarantino told reporters that he was in production for two anime companion pieces to his classic revenge flicks, Kill Bill. There were to be two films, one on the origin of The Bride, and one on Bill. Now, the Bride film has seemed to fallen through to this point, but it looks like the film on Bill is almost set. However, they are waiting to release them. Tarantino has stated that he wants to release an extended Kill Bill DVD called the Whole Bloody Affair. Now, if the anime is as good as it was in the actual film, I will be shelling out a ton of money for this set.

In other news....
-Rocky The Acting Bear, the bear in Semi Pro, killed his trainer yesturday with a vicious bite to the kneck...
-Disney has no plans for The Chronicles of Narnia after the third film...can we say SCORE!?
-Finally, in music news, Flight of the Conchords has a new CD out...granted, a lot of their older songs, songs they did on TV are on it, but some new tracks like Mutha'uckas, is true comedy gold. Go get that as soon as possible.

More news later in the day!

Go see something good!

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