Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Top 20 films of the decade so far (2000-2008)...

Alright, so here is the thing. This may be the most pretentious top 10 I have ever done, as well as the most I am just going to say, I know I WILL forget some really great here is my list...

20. Brokeback Mountain
19. The Pianist
18. Cache
17. Hustle And Flow
16. Maria Full Of Grace
15. Punch Drunk Love
14. United 93
13. Children Of Men
12. No Country For Old Men
11. Requiem For A Dream
10. In The Mood For Love
9. Zodiac
8. Kill Bill Vol. 2
7. Brick
6. Memento
5. City of God
4. Triplettes of Belleville
3. Amelie
2. Oldboy
1. There Will Be Blood

Let the verbal assault begin...

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