Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend Box Office...

Hey guys! Here is the final top 10 for this weekends box office...

3.Nim's Island
4.Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who
5.The Ruins
6.Superhero Movie
7.Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns
8.Drillbit Taylor
10.10,000 B.C.

21 brought in another 15 mil, followed by Leatherheads which grossed roughly 13.8 million dollars...expect a review of that flick on tuesday...

Here is a list of the new releases that are coming out on DVD this tuesday...

-11th Hour-
Leonardo DiCaprio produced and narrated flick that is basically a redue of An Inconvinent Truth. Worth a rent if you are into the subject of global warming and climate change...
-Lions For Lambs-
Film about the Iraq War starring Robert Redford, Tom Cruise and the always brilliant Meryl just kind of came and went...however, I say give it a chance...
Moving on...
-Walk Hard-
Do not see's a piece of shit...really, no joke
-The Water Horse-
Moving on...

~Pick of The Week~

Probably the best film to come out last year, and maybe of the decade so far. I'm not going to say anything else, other than that and the star, Daniel Day-Lewis gives one of the best performances out and BUY this 10's for your own good...

New releases for Friday...

-Prom Night-
If any of you see this, than you will get what you deserve, a piece of shit movie
-Street Kings-
Promising, but my gut feeling is that it will be right on the same par as the film just above this...

~New Release Pick of The Week~
-Smart People-
New comedy from the producers of Sideways...stars Dennis Quaid, Thomas Hayden Church, and Ellen Page...oh, Sarah Jessica Parker is in it, but we won't mention her. It looks to be a comedy in the mold of the afformentioned Sideways and last years overrated hit, Juno...however, hopefully it will actually be good...

So, with the already long post, comes something to make it a little longer. Top 10 Crime films. I was going to do this one a while back when I reviewed the Bank Job, but I decided against it, so here it finally is...

10. Brick
9. Rashomon
8. To Kill A Mockingbird
7. Se7en
6. A Clockwork Orange
5. Reservoir Dogs
4. Rear Window
3. City of God
2. Goodfellas
1. Pulp Fiction

Go see something good!

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