Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Top 15 Animated Films...

So, thanks to Anna Lisa for this list. I was going to wait to do this until friday, but with the weekend and all, I figured I would get more response with this....I also realized that I haven't seen many good Foreign animated films, so instead of making a top 10 for American and a seperate one for foreign, I just decided to do a top 15 instead. So here is the list...

15. Pinocchio
14. Waking Life/A Scanner Darkly
13. Antz
12. Beauty And The Beast
11. Spirited Away
10. The Nightmare Before Christmas
9. Fantasia
8. The Lion King
7. Watership Down
6. Toy Story 2
5. Yellow Submarnie
4. The Iron Giant
3. Aladdin
2. Grave of The Fireflies
1. Triplets of Belleville

Triplets is far and away my favorite...what about you guys?

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