Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FIRST LOOK: Duncan Jones' Mute...

So, one of the films that I haven't had the pleasure of seeing this year, and regrettably so, is Duncan Jones' first film, Moon. Well, what may have made a bigger splash was rumors that he was working on a Blade Runner style sci-fi film, with a mix of science fiction and film noir. Those two things combined sounds brilliant on it's own, and throw in David Bowie's son as the film maker, and you have me hooked.

However, nothing much has been talked about in regards to this film. That is, until now. On the Liberty Films (Jones' production company) official website a special project is highlighted as in development called Mute (we last talked about it here).

From that page, we now have our first glimpse at what the film may very well end up looking like. And I must say, it's beyond amazing. Check out the new concept art below!

On the site, the following statement was below the above photo:

In Development. Writers: Duncan Jones (Moon) and Mike Johnson (Sherlock Holmes). Director: Duncan Jones. Producer: Stuart Fenegan. Project currently in preproduction and set to shoot in Berlin early 2010 with Studio Babelsburg.

All I know is that this project is definitely on my radar. Not quite sure what else we know about the film, as there hasn't been much rumbling online about the project, but with this getting released, and the 2010 shoot date, expect some more news to come very soon.

Go see something good!

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