Monday, September 21, 2009

REVIEWS: One Sentence Round-Ups...

So, over the past two weeks or so, I have had the chance to partake in the viewing of a substantial amount of new releases. However, I've also been able to become a victim of one hell of a "rootkit" virus, so I have been unable to bring you all my thoughts on these (well, for the most part) great films. So, instead of forcing you all to read my normally long reviews (of which I am not apologizing for, as they will continue), I have decided to just lump all these films together, reviewing each in one sentence (or two, if need be). Here are the "Twitter" versions of my thoughts on the following films:

Sleep Dealer - Flawed, a bit slow, but for the sheer amount of imagination that went into this film, this is an admirable piece of cinema. Not the greatest piece of film, but one that, for any fan of sci-fi, should run out and see. (7/10)

The Girlfriend Experience - The newest film in Steven Soderbergh's low budget environment specific canon (The Informant!, his newest film, follows in style, but not in substance, if that makes sense), the GE stars porn-star Sasha Grey, who is fantastic in this stylistic piece of cinema, that may falter near the middle, but the style alone makes this film one of the years best. (9/10)

Sin Nombre - Not since Let The Right One In has violence amongst young people been so brilliantly portrayed, as is the tale of the struggles while on the immigration trail, as portrayed by this film from Cary Fukunaga, a first time film maker. This guy is special, so see his first film, before he does Saw 49 or is corrupted some other way. (9/10)

Adam - Led by two masterful performances from Hugh Dancy, who plays our lead, and Rose Byrne, this tale of a man who attempts to have a normal life even with Asperger's Syndrome, is much less Rain Man and much more True Life. Dancy is brilliant as this man whose brain isn't special or flawed, just different. The film follows suit. (8/10)

Sugar - The newest film from Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, creators of Half-Nelson, doesn't completely hit, but in the crowded and shit filled world of sports movies, this is one that transcends that mediocre genre. (7/10)

I will come back with a full review this week, actually (well, hopefully) three of them; 9, Bronson, and The Informant!, with Jennifer's Body a possibility.

Go see something good!

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