Monday, September 21, 2009

TOP 10: High School Films...

So, Jennifer's Body was released this past weekend, and while I could have done a top 10 films starring a horrible actress, I figured that would be a bit mean, and having not seen the film, a bit unjust. Sure, I'm not a fan of Megan Fox or anything about her, however, that's not fair either, as I normally HATE films about high school. They often feature schlocky dialouge and cliche characters, and, did I mention, they take place in high school, a time that should never be glorified on screen. That is, unless you are these ten classics:

10. Heathers
9. The Last Picture Show
8. High School
7. Elephant
6. Dazed and Confused
5. Pretty In Pink
4. The Breakfast Club
3. Election
2. Brick
1. Rushmore

Go see something good!

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