Tuesday, September 8, 2009

VIDEO: First Clip From Jason Reitman's Up In The Air...

If you have looked at ANY major film blog over this long weekend, one thing will pop out at you. EVERYONE has fallen in love with Jason Reitman's third feature, Up In The Air.

Debuting at this past Telluride Film Festival, the film has won rave reviews from the likes of Firstshowing and /Film, and many other numerous outlets. Reitman's return to film making after his first two projects, Thank You For Smoking, and the unjustly critic jerk off that was Juno, this film was not only the bell of the ball at Telluride, similar to last years Slumdog Millionaire (which stole last years festival), this will also hopefully mark his return to solid comedy.

Well, after getting the Oscar level buzz (look for LOTS of people to mention this film in the same breath as Best Actor, Director and Picture), the only thing that can be done is to flood the market with clips and other marketing materials. First of these has been released by Apple Trailers, and the clip is our lead, played by George Clooney, first meets his match, played by Vera Farmiga.

Here's how The Playlist describes the scene:

Both of them are constant travellers, frequent-flyer obsessed and hotel/travel snobs. Their banter in the script is rich, delicious and a witty, clever flirtation repartee. In this clips it's intentionally toned down, a different rhythm but still trying to be a little snappy (and it is a bit obnoxious too). It's obviously impossible to gauge the film by the clip, so we won't do that, but little scene does underwhelm somewhat. It plays out like the "show me your scars" scene from "Lethal Weapon" or "Jaws." Clever, but it also doesn't totally win you over either. It probably needs the full context of the movie, but it does get us curious for the full thing that we'll see next week at TIFF."


Go see something good!

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