Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FORUM: Who Would YOU Like To See Take Over Batman?

Okay, so this is a bit of a weird post, but really, everyone minus yours truly is in Telluride, waiting for the Toronto Film Festival, and then Fantastic Fest, so there is no news to talk about. Also, The Playlist had an interesting idea this afternoon. First, the news portion of this forum.

It appears as though the brilliant film maker Nicolas Winding Refn, most famous for the Pusher trilogy (A MUST SEE), and this years Bronson, a film I'm excited to check out, had signed on to write and direct a modern Bangkok-set Western titled, "Only God Forgives." It will center on a Thai police officer and a gangster who decide to settle their differences in the boxing ring. The director is also in talks to helm an as-of-yet titled heist film produced by Gore Verbinski.

This is all insanely good news, because getting this guy to work is always great to hear. Also, to hear that he's involved with a heist AND gangster picture is really music to my ears. HOWEVER, that's not really the interesting portion of the post over at The Playlist. Here's their idea:

Either way, it's apparent this Danish talent is in very high demand. Don't be surprised when some major studio tries to rope him into a major tentpole or a super-hero film. Hopefully he resists the temptation to do anything that inherently crap, but we'd actually love to see him take over "The Dark Knight" series if and when Christopher Nolan left. But that's if and when. We'd love for him to pursue all his original projects first.

Now, THAT is something I would love to see. Here's the deal. I love Chris Nolan. Like a child. He's a brilliant director, but if you have seen the trailer for his new film, Inception, he's also beyond creative. He has a lot of ideas up in his dome, and while I would love to see him go out with a trilogy, the idea of having the man behind The Pusher trilogy taking over the Batman franchise, has me freaking out like a pre-teen at a Jonas Brothers concert. Not only is Refn a fantastic film maker, but if you want a real and raw Batman film to come after the Dark Knight, there is NO ONE better. Even Nolan. Nolan may be a better film maker, but Refn's Batman film would be more than dark, if he was given the chance.

That said, I will guarantee that 99% of you haven't seen ANY of this guys films, so that's where you come in. Who WOULD you like to see take over the helm of Batman? Just wondering...

Go see something good!

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