Friday, September 11, 2009

FORUM: The Merits of Trash Humpers...

Okay, so first off, actually, all I want this post to be is about a very interesting topic. Below you will find the first set of clips from the upcoming Harmony Korine film, Trash Humpers. Early yesturday, I posted the first trailer from the film, and called it shocking and interesting. However, after these clips, I am not so sure. I personally LOVE them, just for the audacity and ballsiness (word? Now it is.), but I KNOW that a lot of you will find them pointless, and will want to put a bullet in my spine for making you watch them. However, I want you to watch these clips, and then simply put your thoughts on them below. This should be a rather interesting discussion.

The Playlist sums up my thoughts PERFECTLY:

While we're all for demented Korine and lo-fi experiments into the absurd, we do have our limits. Is the entire "movie" going to be like this? Do we simply need to adjust our expectations and/or need to remind ourselves we're watching more of an art project that have much different values and qualities than regular, every-day narrative films? Dunno. Is this going to be the most indulgent film of the year? Or will it be lo-art genius? Take a look and tell us what you think.


Go see something good!

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