Monday, September 14, 2009

NEWS/VIDEO: Spike Jonze Wins A Deserved (If Late) VMA Last Night...

So, beyond just a bunch of "used tampons", Eskimos, other Lady Gaga outfits, a dangling Pink (funny double entandra, yes please) and an egocentric Kanye West doing what, well, an egocentric Kanye West does (pissing on a toddler in her moment), there was a bit of film news to report. Sure, it's not anything huge or anything about an upcoming film in a much beloved and much maligned Vampire series (which based on THIS has me pretty damn interested), Spike Jonze won a much belated VMA for his brilliant video for The Beastie Boys' Sabotage.

Here's what The Playlist had to say:

Of course neither of them were presented during the actual show, but the Best Video (That Should Have Won A Moonman) was actually a pretty cool award that celebrated past VMA un-loved works of directors like David Fincher (George Michael's "Freedom") , Michel Gondry (actually nominated twice in this category for Bjork's "Human Behavior" and the Foo Fighter's "Everlong"), and Jonathan Glazer (Radiohead's "Karma Police") among others (vids by David Lee Roth, Dr. Dre, OK Go, U2 and Tom Petty).

But the winning Moonman went to Spike Jonze's seminal music video for the Beastie Boys' classic, "Sabotage," that was a venerable parody of '70s cop shows (think "Starsky & Hutch") replete with overgrown sideburns and 'staches, wild, civilian-disregarding car chases and masculine hyperbole.

This video is actually so well beloved by not only music fans, but cinephiles as well, as the geniuses behind The Criterion Collection not only released an anthology of videos from the three piece group, but this film was the inspiration for the DVD's cover! For those who DON'T know the brilliance of this video, I have posted a copy below.


Go see something good!

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