Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NEWS: Fox To Reboot Fantastic Four...

**EDIT: For the television show part, I neglected to look through the contracts, and remember that FOX currently owns the rights to not only Fantastic Four, but X-Men as well. Similar to SONY owning Spider-man. Just pointing this out.

So, a day after the HUGE news that Disney has officially purchased Marvel Comic, INC., Fox can't keep the spotlight off of them.

Variety is now reporting that a screenwriter has been tapped to reboot the maligned Fantastic Four franchise. That screenwriter would have to be Michael Green, a producer/writer for Heroes, Everwood, Smallville, and the co-writer of the upcoming Green Lantern flick. Also, Akiva Goldsman will be set to produce the film.

The only thing that we can truly assume is that the original cast and crew, including Tim Story and stars Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis, will not return for this. Also, we will HOPEFULLY assume that the film will actually be taken seriously, instead of simply as a campfest, as the previous two films have been.

Of all the things that have been discussed in the post Disney/Marvel world that we live in, the one thing that I am SHOCKED hasn't gotten more publicity is this.

Sure, Disney won't be able to produce a Marvel feature film for many years down the road, as Paramount and Marvel have a distribution deal for up to five films I believe. HOWEVER, that doesn't do anything for television. Imagine this.

The CW, formerly the WB, has a deal with DC, in which they can make a show such as Smallville. Now we have ABC, owned by Disney, with plenty of slots to pump out a weekly television show. Say a television show could take the place of the Young X-Men film that's in development.

THAT is the most interesting idea coming out of this big time merger.

What do YOU think about Fantastic Four being rebooted? What about a Marvel TV show?

Go see something good!

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