Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NEWS: Marc Webb To Remake Just Another Love Story...

Late last night, the trades were bombarded with news, primarily about a brand new remake getting lined up by Mandate Pictures.

It appears as though Mandate has tapped 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb to remake the 2009 film, Just Another Love Story, which was previously directed by Danish film maker Ole Bornedal, and was released in only 2 theatres this past January.

I had a chance to see the film once it hit DVD, and I must say, it's quite fantastic. The film follows a family man, who attempts to do a good deed for an acident victim suffering from amnesia, only to fall deeper and deeper into her complicated and violent life.

As /Film points out, this reminds film fans of Christopher Nolan's remake of the Swedish film, Insomnia, which he would later redo, only 5 years after the originals release. These situations are the only ones in which I think a remake may be a good thing, or at least not necisarilly a bad one. If anything, we will get an interesting shift in tone for Webb (500 Days is a sweet tale of love, but Love Story is a dark and heavy film noir/suspense film), but the original, a great film, will hopefully get some buzz and some added viewings as it is available at most film rental shops.

Webb has also been attatched to the much talked about remake of Jesus Christ Superstar, which to me, while a good fit, isn't as interesting a concept as his remake of Love Story.

What do YOU think?

Go see something good!

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