Sunday, September 6, 2009

TRAILER: White Ribbon Internation Trailer...

I unabashedly LOVE Michael Haneke. The man who brought us The Piano Teacher, Funny Games, and Cache, makes truly harsh films, that many seem to think hate their audience. While this could very well be true, however, he also makes really intense and deep films that force us to deal with things that the megaplex doesn't often bring up. Sure, it may come off as a pretentious mess, with a few of his films can be, but with his last two films, Cache and Funny Games, he's easily one of the best directors working today. Oh, and his latest film, is a Palme d'Or winner. Just saying.

Speaking of his latest film, The White Ribbon, a trailer for it has just been released. It doesn't show a ton, but what it does show is just how brilliant the cinematography looks, and how gorgeous the film as a whole feels. What do you think?

Strange events happen at a rural school in the north of Germany during the year 1913, which seem to be ritual punishment. Does this affect the school system, and how does the school have an influence on fascism?

The film will hit theatres in limited release in December.

Go see something good!

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