Saturday, September 5, 2009

POSTER: Peter and Vandy...

FINALLY, this film is getting some marketing.

After seeing this film at the Waterfront Film Festival I couldn't help but fall in love with it. It's a fantastic romance, in the vein of 500 Days of Summer, but less stylized. Take the disjointed narrative style of Pulp Fiction, and throw in the realism of Days, and you get something looking a bit like Peter and Vandy. For more information just go check out my review of the film HERE, and check out my interview with the films star, Jason Ritter, HERE.

Ritter and Weixler play the titular Peter and Vandy, a young couple in Manhattan. It’s a full service love story, however, not just a standard series of adorable misadventures, ending with a kiss and the hope that the ending is really just the beginning for our young lovers. PETER AND VANDY is told out of sequence – jumping back and forth between the everyday occurrences of a relationship, from fights to meeting for the first time to just staying in for the night, the bouncing between time periods help illuminate the totality of Peter and Vandy’s relationship.
Go see something good!

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