Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TOP 10: Dystopian/Future Movies...

So, this week see's not only the release of the dystopian animated epic, 9, but it also sees the end of modern comedy, with the release of ANOTHER Tyler Perry turd. However, instead of dwelling on that fact, and the fact that 9 is getting less mixed to positive reviews, how about I bring back an old classic. I haven't done a top 10 that isn't 2009 related in what seems to be months, so I think it's about time. Here are the 10 greatest films relating to a dystopian future.

10. Dark City/Ghost In The Shell (See THESE to see where The Matrix came from)
9. Battle Royale
8. 12 Monkeys/ La Jetee
7. Children of Men
6. Brazil
5. Delicatessen
4. Alphaville
3. Blade Runner
2. Metropolis
1. A Clockwork Orange

*2001: A Space Odyssey Memorial List*

What about YOU? What do you think deserved to be number one?

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