Thursday, September 10, 2009

UPDATE: Features and Reviews...

Hello faithful readers, it's your friendly neighborhood film geek, just dropping in to update you all on some of the upcoming reviews that I have in store and what is happening to the new Marathon feature.

First off, let's get the Marathon straight. Last week I started the Genre a Month Marathon, with Repulsion. It kicked off the Horror/Thriller genre, and now I have the second film done and viewed. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari will have a write up posted sometime early next week, along with Vampyr to finish the week off, and then the final two will come once a week.

Now onto upcoming reviews. A LOT is coming out in the coming weeks, and I've actually had the chance to see quite a bit. Coming all next week, there be reviews of Antichrist, 9, The Girlfriend Experience, and hopefully Bronson, with one more film showing up in there somewhere. And that's just this upcoming week!

I have seen both Antichrist and The Girlfriend Experience, and will tell you this. Both are fantastic films, and both are looking at COMPLETELY different audiences. TGE is an easy film to stomache, albeit in a slow yet stunningly gorgeous process. Antichrist is just as the title seems. Controversial. It's intense, shocking, depraved, and yet it's also stylish and oddly poetic, especially in the opening sequence. It's a film that I can't recommend truly, nor tell you to avoid. It's a film that I see merits in (it's hard for me to say I liked it, when it's a hard film to take in), and think that it's quite a stunning film visually and features two BRILLIANT lead performances. However, it's intense and very very shocking. However, the film doesn't seem to hate its audience like say, Last House on the Left. It's a great film, but definitely one that you should think twice about seeing.


I only say that because the less you know about the film, the more powerful your reaction will be.

So really what I'm trying to tell you all is to keep your eyes peeled, as I'm going to stuff this site with content.

Go see something good!!

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