Friday, June 19, 2009

BUZZ: Early Reviews (Or Tweets) Not So Kind To Transformers 2...

So, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen is simply 5 days away, and some critics stateside have finally gotten a chance to see the hotly anticipated robot beatdowngasm that is the Michael Bay 'splosion fest. But IS it a 'splosion fest, or something wholy different?

It looks as though it may be a bit different than that. At least to a few tweets that have been sent out. Here are a few snippets of some tweets related to the film, as a whole.

devincf (Devin from Here's the question about this movie: why is it so BORING? why so little action? Why so much slow bullshit?

johncampea (The Movie Blog): Transformers 2 - The "Twins" are the new Jar Jar Binks

However, more interesting than either of these tweets or the fact that it currently has a 38% on Rotten Tomatoes (7% less than the Sandra Bullock vehicle, The Proposal), is the fact that the film could be seen as rascist? Let's go back to these two sources of information...

devincf: Racist robots look like monkeys, speak jive, one has a gold tooth, they can't read.

johncampea: Shocked by how blatantly racist Transformers 2 is.

So not only are people calling the film slow and of a less-than-a-Sandra-Bullock-film quality (quit frakking low), but the film is also racist.

Anyways, I'm still holding out hope for this film, as I did kind of like the first. It's not looking good though, for Bay's robot epic. What do YOU think of this news?

Go see something good!

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