Monday, June 8, 2009

NEWS: Monster's Inc. Sequel?

You bet your blue furry ass!

Ever since its release, the first Monster's Inc. has always been rumored to be getting a sequel. With brief statements like director Pete Docter's "We've thought about it" at last years Comic-Con, to the insane ramblings of fans on random website forums, along with the Incredibles, Monster's Inc. is easily one of the most sequel ready films in the Pixar canon. Well, it appears as though it's about to get kicked into gear.

In a closed doors licensing fair this weekend in Las Vegas, Pixar revealed that not only will the be working on Cars 2 to go along with Toy Story 3, but they will also be putting into production sometime in the near future, Monster's Inc. 2. While members of the session are allegedly told to keep all information hush hush, rumblings have been coming out of it and it all looks like it points to a new Monster's Inc. film.

However, as /Film points out, the signs have been pointing there for quite some time.

Pixar fansite The Pixar Blog started receiving strange searches this past January for variations of “‘monsters 2013 pixar”. The interesting thing about the searches is that they were coming from inside Pixar, from the domain. I know, circumstantial at best. But now that we know a sequel is definitely in the works, it seems a bit more likely that it’s being groomed for a 2013 release.

This is beyond good news. Monster's Inc. is a great film, and Pete Docter, who recently did Up, is a phenominal film maker. Cars 2 will probably be far superior to the first film, and Toy Story 2 is easily better than the first film, so Pixar, as much as they have come out and said they "aren't in the sequel business", they seem to be damn good at it. All in all, it's phenominal news, and here's to hoping that Pixar keeps shelling out original films, along with these much anticipated sequels.

Go see something good!

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