Friday, June 5, 2009

POSTER: Julie and Julia...

So in between playing the Wii version of Dead Rising, and sleeping, I have decided to post a pretty interesting poster. It's nothing visually special (except for Amy Adams looking hot, that seductress), but the film itself is an interesting piece of cinema. Check out the final poster for the upcoming Nora Ephron film, Julie and Julia, recently posted on Sony's Twitter!

Now, while I'm not the biggest Nora Ephron fan, the writer and director of Sleepless in Seattle, Mixed Nuts, Michael, You've Got Mail, I am a fan of this superb cast. Meryl Streep is, well, Meryl f****** Streep, and Amy Adams is such a phenominal young actress (please, if you haven't, go see Sunshine Cleaning, it's a great film). However, the supporting cast holds its own too, with the likes of the great Stanley Tucci, and the stellar young actor, Chris Messina, who is probably most famous from his role as the stuck up hubby from Vicki Christina Barcelona. The story is pretty fun, and while I'm sure it won't be anything more than a fun time, who knows, with a cast like that, you really can't go wrong. Oh, and in a summer of really testosterone pumping, chest beating, ball breakers, this is the perfect film to head out with your love, and have a date. Do it guys, it is a sure-fire hit.

The film follows Powell, a government employee who decides to cook her way through legendary cook Julia Child's classic cookbook, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in one year's time out of her small Queens kitchen. Powell blogs her daily experiences, gaining a loyal following along the way.

Go see something good!

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