Saturday, June 27, 2009

NEWS: Watchmen Director's Cut To Get Theatrical Release...

A very limited one though.

So, if it weren't for the masterpiece that was Pixar's Up, my personal film of the year would have to be Zack Snyder's genius adaptation of the legendary comic series, Watchmen. It was both action packed and chock full of themes, subdued and overt alike. Brilliant acting, direction, style, and one hell of a score, make this easily one of the best films of the year, and one of, if not THE best comic book adaptation ever.

That said, I could ALWAYS go for some more, and it looks like we all may just get that opportunity. Well, if we live in one of the bigger cities in the states. Thanks to Live For Film for the news.

“I can verify that you will get to see the brutal murder of Hollis Mason by a bunch of top-knotted thugs. As with most of the violent scenes in WATCHMEN, Snyder has taken a dozen or so panels from the graphic novel and transformed them into breathtaking cinema. He’s also turned the sequence into a half-clever, half-heartbreaking homage to Raging Bull, with Hollis flashing back to his crime-fighting heyday as the “Intermezzo” from CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA briefly dominates the soundtrack. The music - and his punch-drunk reverie - ends abruptly when the gang’s ringleader busts open Hollis’s skull with his Nite Owl trophy. This is a brilliantly shot-and-edited sequence.”

This new cut will not only be on DVD on July 21st, but it will also play in LA, Dallas, Minneapolis, and New York City for one weekend (a week before San Diego Comic Con). So basically that sucks for people in the mighty mitten, but at least the studio has enough confidence in the film that they would use money to make more prints. That shows that WB really loves this film, which is always good for the inevitable DVD release.

Go see something good!

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