Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NEWS: Easter Eggs Found In Up...

One of the things that Pixar has done rather well is making their films seemingly fit in one world. While I will post me and my significant other's One World Theory about Pixar sometime next week, during many, if not all of Pixar's releases, there have been numerous Easter Eggs that point to this one world idea, or at least the fact that these films have connections to one another. Up is no different. Thanks to /Film for the heads up!

- Standard John Ratzenberger Cameo: Construction Foreman Tom

- A113: a reference to the classroom number that was used by Animation students like Lasseter and other Pixar crew, is found as the Courtroom number.

- Carl’s court summons features the number 94070, the Zip Code where Brad Lewis (Pixar Producer/Director) was once Mayor.

- Buy N Large logo on some of the Construction Workers hats

- The Generic Grape Soda from the Buzz Lightyear commercials is on Carl’s Hat.

- A stylized Pizza Planet truck is seen as the house lifts off and we get a view looking down at the street

- Lotso the Bear (Toy Story 3) is under the girl’s bed as the house and balloons float by, as well the Luxo Ball is on the floor of her room.

- Many Oakland landmarks and oddities make appearances.

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