Thursday, June 18, 2009

NEWS: Oldboy Remake DOA?

Well, as of this second, it looks so (and that was the girlsh scream you heard me just yell out of excitement)

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith have been developing (or so news has said) an American remake (of sorts) of the famous and brilliant film, Oldboy, which was the second film of Chan-wook Park's vengence trilogy (with Sympathy for Mr. Vengance, and Sympathy for Lady Vengance as the trilogy's bookends). It was going to be an adaptation of the original Manga by Nobuaki Mingegishi and Garon Tsuchiya, which the afformentione film was also based on.

However, that may have just been thrown in the gutter by Japanese publisher Futabasga. Here's what a report from AnimeNewsNetwork stated:

Futabasha is suing to confirm the lack of a binding contract between the two parties, due to an alleged breach. Futabasha asserts that Show East violated its basic agreement with Futabasha, and thus nullified it, when Show East pushed for the production of a film remake with America’s Universal Pictures. Show East signed its contract with Futabasha over film rights in September of 2002, and signed a second contract in December of 2003 that amended the original one to cover other materials.

If you have not seen the original film, Oldboy, then you have something important to do right now. The film is easily one of the best modern revenge films (possibly the best of all time), and one of the best films period, from the past 10 years. It follows a man, named Dae-Su, who is locked in a room for 15 years without knowing why or who is his captor. He is suddenly released, given money, clothes and a cellphone and is sent on journey for revenge. Really, this movie is something that should not be missed by anyone. Also, tell me this fight scene isn't bad ass.

This is perfect news, and while I do love Speilberg, Smith is NOT someone who should be in this film, and really, Speilberg isn't a director that should be doing this film. It's not a big film, but quite the opposite. It's a stark and disturbing look at revenge, and the films style is equally as intimate and dark. What do YOU think?

Go see something good!

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