Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NEWS: Portman Joins Aronofsky's Black Swan...

This is a mixed bag of emotions for yours truly.

There are really TWO pieces of news involved with this story. First, the most apparent piece of information:

Natalie Portman has officially signed on for Darren Aronofsky's upcoming project, Black Swan. Black Swan, from what we all know about it (which is little to nothing), is a paranormal thriller set in the world of New York City ballet. THR reports that Portman will play a seasoned ballerina who will reportedly find herself "locked in to a competitive showdown with a rival, with the stakes and twists increasing as the dancers approach a big performance", with the twist being that Portman's character isn't quite sure if her rival is a ghost or something similar, or just that she is seeing things.

That is the best news that I could have clicked on from a link on Twitter. I'm a monster Portman fan, and an even bigger fan of Darren Aronofsky. He has yet to make a bad film, and consistenly makes superb dramas. From Pi to The Wrestler, he has made stellar films, and will certainly make this interesting concept into one hell of a good film. However, it's not quite the film I wanted to see him make.

The other piece of news is that this could very well mean that his much talked about RoboCop reboot for MGM is off the books, or at least being delayed. It looks as though Aronofsky is looking to get this film into production by years end, with Portman certainly sealing the deal for potential studios. While I think the film will be great, I was much more interested in seeing him take a big budget, and doing a film with those kind of resources. Even more so than RoboCop was his take on Noah's Arc, which very well could be one of the most anticipated films to be talked about in a long time. I know it's the most anticipated film in the pipeline for yours truly.

What about YOU? What do you think about this news?

Go see something good!

Portman would play a veteran ballerina who finds herself “locked in to a competitive showdown with a rival dancer, with the stakes and twists increasing as the dancers approach a big performance.” But it isn’t as simple as that — the big twist is that Portman’s character is not sure whether her rival is a supernatural apparition or if she is having delusions.

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