Monday, June 1, 2009

WTF: Where's Waldo? Well, In Your Cinema...

Yeah, I know what you are saying. WTF is Where's Waldo doing in a cinematic form? Well, Universal, who seems more like a pimp than a film studio, has now moved from molesting Hasbro for everything they have, and is now moving onto a film adaptation of the famous children's book, according to THR.

Before you all get out your guns and put them in your mouths, this isn't the first time that an adaptation of the book has been tried (or should that make you get them faster?) Originally planed for a Paramount/Nickelodeon release, the film was originally described as "Waldo, now 30, ends up traveling through time after accidentally activating a malfunctioning travel machine." Yeah, nothing hugely impressive or cool, but at least it's not a film about some random guy who can't be found. Actually, if you give this to Spike Jonze, you would have a masterpiece. Think Being John Malkovich but just more crazy. Now I'm even more depressed. Not to mention that this IS the studio that will be behind Monopoly, Stretch Armstrong, Battleship, and Candyland.

Go see something good!

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