Monday, June 29, 2009

NEWS: Transformers 2 Grosses $201 Million For Five Days...

That headline is NOT wrong.

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen grossed an estimated $201.2 million, beating out former number two, Spider-Man 2, in the category of biggest five day domestic gross of all time. The film fell just a few million short of the record holder, The Dark Knight, which had a 5 day gross of $203.8 million. Worldwide, Transformers: RotF has grossed another $181.6 million, bringing the film's worldwide gross to $363.2 million

As /Film points out, this includes 169 IMAX screens, which contributed $14.4 million to the total.

Apparently the film broke all kinds of IMAX records including the biggest single-day gross ($3.9 million) and the biggest five-day gross ($14.4 million). Of course, with IMAX retrofitting more and more digital IMAX theatres each month, these records don’t mean that much

So, all in all, the world is going to shit. Having Transformers: RotF in between Spiderman 2 and Dark Knight is like having a delicious sandwich from Panera Bread or whatever, only to find out that a donkey shit between the pieces of hipster delivered focaccia bread. Just awful news.

Go see something good!

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